Breast Augmentation

Length of Hospitalization

1 Day

Operation Time

2-4 Hours



Recovery Time

1-2 Months

Breast augmentation surgeries are procedures for women to enlarge their breasts in size and shape. Breast prosthesis is placed behind the breast in breast augmentation surgery. Thanks to this prosthesis placed, chest environment measurements can be enlarged by one or several sizes. Today, breast augmentation is one of the most applied aesthetic surgeries. With breast augmentation surgeries, smaller breasts will have a fuller, larger and aesthetically flawless appearance. Natural materials made of silicone, called prostheses or implants placed under breast tissue, help increase breast volume. In breast augmentation surgeries, the silicones will not have any negative effects on the body unless they are pierced and then spread throughout the body. Of course there is a risk in all surgical surgeries. Self-confidence will increase even more in people who have breast augmentation surgery. If the individual feels physically healthy and his expectations of surgery are realistic, this person will be a very suitable candidate for breast augmentation surgery.

Can I get pregnant and breastfeed after breast augmentation surgery?

There is a mistake among the public that silicone prostheses should be removed if the person is pregnant after breast augmentation surgery. Yes, that’s wrong. Because the breast prosthesis placed in the breast is placed under the breast tissue in breast augmentation surgeries. Milk ducts do not close when it is under the chest tissue. People can get pregnant and breastfeed their babies without removing silicone prostheses when the channels are not closed.

Does breast prosthesis in breast augmentation surgeries cause cancer?

Research has been discussed and conducted in the United States for many years and it has been revealed that breast prosthesis does not trigger cancer because it does not cause cancer. In addition, breast prostheses are not perceived by the body as a foreign substance. The outer surface of the prosthesis is made of silicone. For this reason, this material make silicone more durable.

Do I have any traces left in my body after breast augmentation surgery?

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed from the lower part of the place of merging with the skin with the brown part of the nipple, the under-breast folding line or the under-armrth folding line. The incising places to be performed in the operation will not always appear because they are in the folding places or hidden places. The length of the cut to be opened in the surgery varies according to the breast prosthesis, but on average it varies between 3 and 5 cm. Incision marks of these lengths do not leave a trace and disappear in the folding areas over time.

What do I go through after breast augmentation surgery?

Since breast augmentation surgery is not a very painful surgery, it will only be enough to stay in the hospital that night in terms of control. The next day, the patient can easily go home. As with all breast surgeries, resistance is used in breast augmentation operation. Resists are drawn 1-2 days after surgery. Arm pains may occur during the five days after surgery. During this time, you should move without tiring your arms and not carry heavy things. A week after this process, you can go back to your normal life.

Do I have sagging in my breasts after breast augmentation surgery?

The answer to this question is about where silicone prostheses are placed. If silicone prostheses are placed under the muscle, there is no sagging of the breast after surgery. This is because the breast prosthesis does not load the skin because it carries the breast muscles and ligaments. Nevertheless, it is recommended that the patient use an athlete’s bra for about four and five weeks after breast augmentation surgery.

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